How did Apple “Troll” Their Customer With AirPower?

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Although AirPower just a kind of wireless charging, the background behind it is a long term drama making thousands people fluctuate.

What is AirPower?

AirPower is a kind of wireless charging with special design for providing power of electricity to several Apples’ devices. Its’ first announcement was September 2017, the same month with Iphone X, smartphone that marked the evolution of Apple Inc. The biggest difference of AirPower among various of wireless charging devices is that can be used to charge multiple devices include iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch with every path in its’ surface.

The Trigger

After 1,5 year of the delay, on today morning (March 30, 2019),  Apple officially gets rid of the idea of AirPower. Hence, they have no intention of development of it. Besides, Mr. Dan Riccio, the senior vice president of Apple Inc said that AirPower was have not been seen any of Apples’ qualifications of high standard. As a result, they cancelled the project of producing AirPower.

Is it Normal in Technology Industry?

In Tech field, the fact that a particular, even famous company can establish and suddenly get rid of a product is not hard to find, such as Wired Inc with the Optimus keyboard 103, the killer AirPod of  Zune and Skype for Symbians’ cellphone.

The Outstanding Inc

But this is Apple, the most valuable company of Technology field with the viral waves among countries all over the world. Thus, do not forget that on the one side, Apple has a massive users, in other words is fan. On the other hand, as many as Apples’ fan is the haters (anti-fan), they always waiting for the moment to criticize and throw Apples’ reputation to the garbage dump. This lead to the consequence that the event of cancelled AirPower is perfect chance for the paparazi and anti-fan together point the gun to Apples’ head with a bullet inside. In other word, Apple should be ready for a shot of criticism ahead to their brain.

The Fluctuation from Apples’ Users

From the side of the customer, they are tremendously feeling annoyed with this decision of Apple Inc. Because the story behind AirPower is a long drama with the sadness, long waiting process to the Apples’ clients. They spent too much time waiting for the oblivious after the first establishment of AirPower for nearly 2 years, then take back the disappointed mix with angry. The final result is they got a “troll” from Apple with just one sentence of speaking of the vice senior president of Apple Inc.

The Process of AirPower to Its’ Grave

I will introduce to you guys in this article the process leads to the final result that AirPower can never be marketed.

The First Established of AirPower

It was a day on September of 2017, when Apple announce that AirPower will be released in 2018. It is all because of iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the two devices support the process of wireless charging evolution. In the same line of the wishes from the customers, Apple aggressively promised to produce a product that will charge their devices with wireless protocol, and the most important part is it will be made by Apple. Along with AirPower, Apple also pronounced that there will be a project to release the wireless charging for AirPods only “in the future”.

The Deadline

It was the end of 2018, but Apple still has no sight of AirPower, event just a trailer or pre-release product, or even the demo version of it. Occasionally, there was a “trustworthy” source said that “Apple will start to market AirPower in …”, but when that day coming, still the zero number.

The March, 2018

Apple released a few new devices such as iPhone 8 with red color and Leather Folio case for iPhone X. Sight of AirPower – equal to a tree hollow spaces.

The June, 2018

Mark Gurman, the writer of Bloomberg, who famous with several information from Apple wrote that Apple had vision for marketing AirPower on September the same year. The paper of Gurman wrote that Apple met some difficulties from the step to develop AirPower related to the temperature.  It was believed that the engineers from Apple was trying to figure out this problem to make sure not thing will go wrong to the direction of them.

The September, 2018

The biggest event of Apple every year happened. Apple showed to their clients the new generation of iPhone are iPhone XS and iPhone XR. In contract, no words for AirPower. After this event, Apple put all the information related to AirPower out from their website. The users can not find anything with the word “AirPower”. Amazingly, in the introduction of how to use iPhone still remain AirPower information. It started to confuse the consumer of Apple Inc.

The Employees for AirPower Project

To continue the drama, Apple employs people for the project of wireless charging, include AirPower project.

The Fake News

Tons of new appeared on Twitter, making sure that AirPower are in the process of representation. The master of prediction of Apple, Mr. Ming-Chi Kuo  said that AirPower could show up at late 2018 or the first of 2019. This report of him revealed the hope that AirPower was ready to on the tray of Apple stores. Hence, various of positive prediction of AirPower in the new year of 2019 were appeared. Some of them from HongKong Precision, the old partner of Apple in charge of produced AirPods and cable USB-C. Even Wall Street Journal wrote that Apple had enough certification for selling AirPower. Moreover, some code sentences in IOS 12.2 Beta 6 have the word “AirPower”.

The Final Ending

As written from the header of this article, AirPower project are officially cancelled forever. This is a good lesson of precaution for both Apple Inc and the consumers. Do not forget that Tech field is not that easy you see in the promises. It is a difficult field, with a hilly road to achieve the new technologies, so be prepare for the bad news happened. All in all, Apple or any company of tech just a group of people, they are just human, there not thing you can do at that situation. Be careful and be sympathetic to their failures. By the way, checkout the sponsor of this article are the wood level and the best woodworking books to encourage us. Thank you for your reading!

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