How to use the pruning saw

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Do you know what the best pruning saw is? I am sure gardeners or people who love gardening will know this tool. Pruning saws with modern and outstanding functions have supported gardeners to cut most branches or stems easily and effectively. Moreover, it will also help you pruning or shaping the trees in your garden to become more aesthetic and beautiful. After listening to its outstanding advantages, you want to get one, right? It has many truly outstanding functions. However, if you do not understand how to use it properly, you will damage or destroy it quickly. Therefore, do not rush. Please read this article. I will discuss how to use the pruning saw and some notes you need to know before working on it. I don’t make you wait any longer. Let’s find out.


Notes you need to know when pruning trees with a saw

Protective gear: The protective gear that you need to equip before using the saw to prune is protective clothing, gloves, glasses. You’re thinking that why you have to waste your time wearing them, right? Nobody makes you wear them if you don’t want to. However, if you are injured by a piece of wood that accidentally catches your eye and body, then you will deeply regret your decision. Therefore, if you take a little time, you will always ensure your body. Why don’t you follow? You also need to wear extra protective shoes. Because if you cut in the garden where there can be many dangerous things on the ground.

Careful: It means when you want to cut any branch or stem that you find ugly or redundant. You need to be careful not to accidentally cut into the branches and beautiful trunks nearby. Because, more than any other cutting tool, pruning saws are easy to slip and can quickly hurt or destroy wood if you’re not careful. Therefore, be mindful of this risk in your mind. You will not be able to save it.

Choose a comfortable direction to cut: You can trim in different directions depending on your convenience and comfort. However, according to many people who have the experience that the direction that to achieve the best and most effective pruning angle is from the top down. Because that way helps you use gravity to cut the wood. Lead to helps you to cut straight angles easily and without any difficulties.

Check the quality of wood before cutting: This step is very important and is often not predicted by many gardeners. Why do you need to check the quality? Many thick or long branches of considerable weight will likely break and tear early before you can finish cutting with a saw. In fact, due to external factors, many branches outside looked quite normal and quality but inside it was destroyed. Therefore, to prevent a tree from tearing or breaking, you must cleverly remove this weight before starting the final cut at the position you have chosen.

Start your final cut with a start groove: Why do you need to do that? Because, if you do not cut with a groove, the cut of the saw will likely slip off the desired cutting position. Slipping is a risk that often occurs on non-horizontal branches.

How to pruning properly

When beginning to prune: After you understand the note, now is the time to start pruning your desired branch or tree. Remember to cut from the top down at a fast speed and keep the force stable enough to control so as not to slip and hurt nearby wood or yourself. Another effective method of cutting is to cut the wood as if you were pulling something. It means you use the saw to bite into the wood and then pull and push it back slightly.

Finishing the cutting process: Cut until the branch is clean according to your wishes. Sometimes, there will be some errors that occur as some rough wood will be left at the bottom of your cut. To resolve the error and to achieve a perfect and smooth cut, you can scrape off the stain by pressing the blade straight into the fault and cutting it off.

Other tips and cautions when using pruning saws

About the cutting way: The basic factor for making beautiful cuts is that you should control comfortably. It means working in the most comfortable position. Perform pushing when cutting (as I said above) and pull with a slanted body so that large cuts can be cut. Or at least use your entire arm, not just your wrists and elbows, to get the best drag. Maintaining power makes mistakes less likely to occur. And make you become a happier gardener.

 Keep the blade straight: If the blade is bent when cutting, I’m sure you are under a lot of pressure when you push it. Or you can’t pull straight, can you? Do not rush, You slowly pull out the saw and return to a straight cut. Then control the force and slowly increase your speed as usual.

Working close to the ground: When you need to run close to the ground, such as pruning in places with thick, old wood of a primitive shrub, then with any tool, try to keep the blade from touching the ground.  Because sand and gravel in the soil will quickly get your blades dirty and blunt.

Put your saw in the pocket and put on your belt: This is an effective way to protect your body. In case, you cut the tree on a high position. After cutting and especially when climbing down, you should put a saw in a bag to avoid injury.

Clean your saw before storing it: Not only for saws but all other tools you have to pay attention to clean before you store it. If you don’t clean it, wood chips and dirt will cling to it. After a while, your saw will quickly rust and become unusable.

In conclusion

I have finished my presentation on how to use the pruning saw effectively. And give some tips and notes you need to know when using. Have you found the information I provided useful to you? I hope that is helpful to you. Final. thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you want to buy pruning saws, you should choose reputable brands and facilities to ensure quality.

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