Japanese dust masks – many positive effects for carpenters

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Along with the strong development of the processing, manufacturing, and trading of furniture, fine arts, and furniture processing industry, carpentry has become popular today. This profession contributes to creating jobs and stable incomes for the much-unskilled labor force of our country, but this profession also brings significant effects on people. When coming into contact with wood mulch, dirt generated by wood processing and processing will affect human health. Therefore, finding an effective dust mask is extremely necessary and the Japanese Koken dust mask is the most optimal solution for carpenters, both convenient and easy to use.

Agents and appropriate labor protection equipment

It is not uncommon to enter any wood processing factory or manufacturing facility as sawdust. The process of sawing and splitting wood into blocks generates a lot of dust and sawdust.

The preparation stage according to the model, processing products and finishing products generates a lot of other types of dust due to the planing, turning, and polishing of paper products.

The color spraying stage is the last stage after the product is completed. The typical smell of oil spraying or spraying products is very aromatic but very toxic; it spreads gas vapor, color into the air and the person who inhales is the person who sprays paint.
Sawdust, wood paint smell are the main cause of respiratory diseases, nasopharyngitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, atopic dermatitis … so dust masks are the best solution and indispensable. It helps to prevent wood dust as well as helps to prevent toxic odors caused by wood paint.

Koken dust masks – famous brands in Japan

The gas mask, also known as the Koken cave’s anti-toxic mask from Japan, is a suitable product for workers in polluted environments, farmers who use plant protection products, pesticides, people working in the environment exposed to dust like carpentry … the wood smell, toxic smells will greatly affect our health. This Koken respirator product is of high quality, ensuring very good for our health, especially those directly exposed to such harmful substances as carpenters, for example.

This dust mask for woodworking is made of Silicon plastic and Poly film, skin-friendly, hypoallergenic. The kit includes a blue mask and an activated carbon filter to help clean the toxic gases, dirt accumulated in the air and the working environment harmful to human health.

The outstanding advantage of this Japanese Koken mask

  • The lightweight, less than 100grams, when we install the activated carbon filter, the volume of the product also increases insignificantly at only 150 – 170gram, very light.
  • The plastic part of the mask is soft and pliable, the silicon part is suitable for all kinds of faces, has a wire to adjust the size, helps to fit the face, and especially with this product, the steam does not stand on the face causing discomfort to the user.
  • With activated carbon and tiny texture used in the filter of the mask helps to filter the air optimally and effectively, it helps the user breathe gently and easily, without causing breathing difficulties as some other types of masks.
  • This Koken mask kit is suitable for carpenters because they are very compact with a built-in matching check kit, a slightly downward outlet, no dew condensation.
  • This mask can be attached to many different types of filters and attached to the dust filter so that users can easily replace and suit different types of contact environments.
  • The product quality is very good and durable as they are manufactured as genuine products in Japan.

Carpentry is often a dangerous job. Working in a variety of chemical environments, sawdust, wood dust … and especially the types of wood and carpentry hazards including mechanical, chemical and paint hazards, all of what will make the health of people carpenters affected, in the long term susceptible to diseases related to respiratory systems such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, bronchitis … So the use of a lightweight and convenient respirator masks such as anti-mask Dust or Japanese anti-poison mask Koken is extremely necessary for carpenters. The Japanese Koken Gas Mask is the strange face, the ideal mask – a companion to protect the health of carpenters.

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