Pros and cons of blackout curtains

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Do you know what blackout curtains are? I am sure that most of you know this type of curtain. Maybe you’ve heard someone mention them in a certain store or maybe you have a friend with a friend who accidentally mentioned them. You are wondering why is it mentioned so much? Anywhere on the road or at work, you see people talking about this curtain.

That is understandable, the best blackout curtains are soft and durable curtains with high-quality fabric and highly effective in darkening the room, insulation, noise reduction, energy saving. and especially it is used very effectively in protecting privacy. Besides, it not only supports you block the sunlight from outside but these curtains also contribute to accentuate your room to become more outstanding and aesthetic

Moreover, this curtain is made of pure three-color woven fabric without chemical coating, so it is not dangerous to human health. Besides, these magic curtains can block 90% of sunlight and prevent 100% of UV rays from entering your space. Authorized laboratory testing shows that the curtains are vinyl-free and environmentally friendly, safe for everyone, especially for children. However, no product is 100 percent perfect. These curtains certainly have some limitations.

Do you want to understand more about the benefits and drawbacks of this product?  In this article, I will discuss in detail about its advantages and disadvantages so that you can consider and make a decision whether to buy or not. I don’t take much time for you anymore, Let’s start to find out.

blackout curtains
blackout curtains

Advantages of Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains make your room quieter: On the market today, blackout curtains are created with a variety of colors, materials and different designs that are easy for customers to choose. Especially with a thick material with three coats, it support to prevent noise most completely. For example. You live in the city, or in places where there is a lot of noise from vehicles, the noise of pedestrians on the road. The noise makes people feel extremely uncomfortable and tired. Especially for small children who even have a little noise makes them startled and woke up. Equipping blackout curtains is the best way to solve the problem for you. They can limit outside noise from entering your home by up to 90 percent. Therefore, no matter how loud the outside noise is, it will not influence your daily life or sleep.

Blackout curtains help you save on electricity bills: Can you believe it? Besides, reducing noise, this type of curtain can make your room always cool. For example, you live in a hot climate, you can’t afford to leave the air conditioner for a second. So, each month you have to pay a large price for the electricity bill.  The blackout curtains will help you resolve this problem. These curtains can help keep the heat on hot days without turning on the air conditioner. Why is it possible to do so? Simply as I said above, it makes up to 90 percent of the light from the sun. The main thing that makes your room always in a stable state and cool. That also means you can save on air conditioner bills!

Curtains assist you to sleep better: As you know, our bodies can never fully rest when sunlight enters the room, which is the reason that you should sleep with lights turned off, but that is only suitable for the night. If you need to take a nap? Or what if you were awakened early in the morning by the light? Dark-colored curtains will help you. These opaque curtains can help block 99% of the light from entering your room, so you can have a great night’s sleep and wake up energetic. Especially for women, a good night’s sleep will make you have more beautiful skin.

The blackout curtain gives you maximum privacy: Today when privacy invasion is more of a concern and threat than ever before. Many cases of filming secretly through windows or breaking into houses that making many people scared and worried, especially women. Therefore, choosing curtains to keep privacy is what most people care about. The common curtains cannot keep your privacy, people can still see your shadow from the outside. Therefore, with thick and durable material, blackout curtains can be an ideal item to shield the inside of your house from prying eyes.

Durable: Unlike most other curtains, blackout curtains come with a thick coating and do not use chemical coatings that helping customers feel secure about their health. Besides, layers are not only responsible for blocking light, but also ensuring the durability of the furniture in your home. Moreover, they have a better life span than other types of curtains up to 3 to 4 years, which makes them a worthwhile investment.

Safer for children: Traditional curtains have lots of miscellaneous wires. For families with young children who are extremely addicted, they can be injured if caught in those cords. Therefore, understanding the worries of most parents, the designers have produced blackout curtains that are compact and have no wires that make you feel comfortable when your children play around the curtains.

Some disadvantages of blackout curtains

Darkens the room: It has the advantage of supporting you to block about 90 percent of the light. However, that is also its drawback. When it prevents out the light, your room will become dark and you will not be able to see anything in the room. It could lead to you being injured by bumping into furniture.

Too monotonous: A blackout curtain is usually only a single style and often has less color for you to choose. Therefore, it makes your room more monotonous and tedious. To revitalize it, you can purchase some accessories such as a cloth border attached to its head, or choose a thin fabric or lace to go behind the blackout curtains. I am sure they will change your bedroom significantly.

Expensive: Because it has many outstanding advantages, the cost of this type of curtain can be more expensive than other the curtain. It depends on your budget. You can decide whether to buy or not.

In conclusion

I have finished the presentation on the advantages and disadvantages of blackout curtains. You can see they have more advantages than disadvantages, right? If you are planning to purchase a curtain for your family,  you can refer to the information here and make the best decision. You can share the information you collect here with friends and family. Finally, thank you for taking the time to read the entire article.

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